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American Clay natural plaster, drywall repairs, traditional plaster and minor stucco repairs

American Clay

The elegant alternative to typical wall finishing

American Clay Earth Clay Plaster

(link to AmericanClay.com, the main website for all things American Clay) American Clay is a natural clay that includes naturally sourced colors, aggregates and binders.

American Clay image of residence

This image is American Clay loma with an old world aggressive texture finish. The walls and ceilings throughout the house were done. The house was a spanish style with rounded corners and arches so this finish was very complementary.

American Clay is hand applied with a traditional hawk and trowel which allows various textures other than typical drywall type textures. The various colors and aggregates create an almost three dimensional appearance. Since photos don't accurately show the elegant beauty, I create samples that can be shipped or hand delivered.

If interested in samples, call or email the style you are interested in and I will arrange to have them delivered on site.