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American Clay natural plaster, drywall repairs, traditional plaster and minor stucco repairs

Drywall Restoration and Repairs

Repairs to drywall/sheetrock walls and ceilings.

Unlike traditional plaster, drywall or sheetrock is paper covered gypsum panels where the board joints are coated with joint compound, paper or fiber tape and additional compound to joints and nail/screws. The drywall/sheetrock panels are not totally covered with material like with traditional plaster or American Clay systems. Although the drywall/sheetrock system damages easily it is the most costs effective system for wall finishes.

The available finishes are typically orange peel, knock-down and smooth. Some light skip trowel textures are possible also.

Modulated trowel texture

This drywall texture is applied with traditional plaster tools (hawk and trowel). It is hand applied, not sprayed so specific looks can be achieved through varied application technique.

Heavy knockdown texture

This knockdown texture has more material sprayed on so when it is pressed with the lexan knockdown spatula the texture has wider smears. Knockdown texture is not easy to repair seamlessly.

Light knockdown texture

This knockdown texture has a finer spray pattern so when pressed with the knockdown spatula, the texture is lighter and smaller. Knockdown texture is not easy to repair seamlessly.

Light orange peel texture

Orange peel texture is sprayed with no tool manipulation. It is a quick applied texture that is very easy to repair.